Editor Guidelines


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The Editor should create an account with us and login, which will allow them to receive invitations and access their review assignments for publication in Frontier Journals.

Role of the Editor

The Editor of the Journal should carry out their responsibilities with much interest and dedication to improve the quality of the journal and should be able to maintain the journal's reputation in the scientific world.

Guidelines to be followed

  • The editor should actively seek the views of Editorial Board Members, Reviewers, Authors before taking any final decision about the publication of the article.
  • Encourage research into Peer-review, technological advances and reassess journal processes in the light of new discoveries.
  • Editor should also take timely suggestions in providing appropriate resources, guidance from experts and training to perform the publisher's role in a professional manner and improve the quality of the journal. Ensure a supply of high-quality manuscripts to Frontier Journals in quantities that are able to maintain the publishing schedule of the journal; if insufficient manuscripts are being submitted, then you should discuss how to address this with your publishing contact.
  • Ensure that the subject matter of the manuscripts reflects any changes of direction in the field of study to incorporate newly-emerging work; this may necessitate inviting articles or special issues.
  • Editors should endeavour to handle all papers assigned to them, irrespective of the paper's subject area, and the return of a paper to a Section Editor for reassignment should only be exceptional. Section Editors try to assign papers appropriately but also know how to balance loads on individual editors across the Editorial Board; sometimes the assignment of a paper whose scope is outside that of the assigned editor is unavoidable.
  • Encourage the researchers about publication ethics and should discourage any research misconduct.
  • Encourage submission of only quality articles to the journal by personally recruiting authors, assisting them with outreach, and ensuring that marketing plan is executed.
  • Ensure that the Feedback provided to Authors is constructive, fair, and timely.
  • Article submitted for Peer-review is a privileged communication that should be treated in confidence, taking care to guard the author's identity and work.
  • The Editor should also recommend high profile reviewers and authors to maintain the Journal standards.
  • Ensure and monitor the process of Peer-review. Editors' recommendation to accept or reject a paper for publication should be based on the Peer-reviews and their own view on the paper's importance, originality and clarity, the study's validity and its relevance to the remit of the journal.
  • Editors can recommend to immediately reject a paper if the material does not meet the standard's of our Journals.
  • New editors should not overturn decisions to publish submissions made by the previous editor unless serious problems are identified.
  • Editors should flag any case of suspected misconduct or disputed authorship with the Editor-in-Chief or the Publisher.
  • Editors should write their report and any additional comments about paper in case of rejection or revision and send to editorial@frontierjournals.com.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest when making assignments. Check whether reviewer has history of conflict with author, should be able to resolve any conflicts raised in publication of the articles in the Journal.
  • Should encourage reviewers to comment on ethical questions and possible research and publication misconduct raised by submissions (e.g. unethical research design, inappropriate data manipulation and presentation).
  • The Editor should maintain the originality of article submissions and be alert to redundant publication and plagiarism
  • Should communicate directly and with the author and the review team on regular basis.

Benifits to the Editors from Frontier Publications

Frontier Journals give complete freedom and flexibility to the Editor and he/she can customize their profile on the website as per their choice.

  • Editor will be provided with a certificate for handling Special Issue and will be entitled to get Scientific Credits.
  • As a Special Editor you are eligible to receive one hard copy of the published Special Issue. But, you will have to request formally in this regard to obtain the copy.
  • Moreover, the Editor will get an opportunity to interact with scientific fraternity across the world. This gives him a chance to share his expertise and learn from new researchers and scientists.
  • Note: We expect you to submit at least one manuscript for the special issue from your end.