Research Projects



It is a well acknowledged fact that Research plays an important role in the economic growth of a country and globally the education system is characterized by a number of constraints and research is one of the main ones. In the present educational system, the quality of research work is declining day by day. Moreover, only the prestigious institutions are excelling in research, whereas the mediocre and poor ones are lacking in the same. The significance of research arises from its promotion of creative thinking; finding solutions to impending problems in a methodical, scientific and well-determined way; promoting further studies in the area of interest and keeping abreast with the latest developments in the selected field of study, but in the current scenario every researcher is facing some problems to carry out the research projects due to lack of intellectual stimulation, emphasis on rote learning, inadequate data, lack of scientific knowledge, and training in Research Methodology, lack of project funds or non-availability and equipment's at the research centre. Even if the researcher approaches a research lab or centre, then the majority of the research centers provide poor services such as insufficient or poor quality data, not maintaining the requirements and standards of the thesis which indirectly has a major effect on quality research and publications in journals. The need of the hour becomes imperative to have knowledge-driven growth powered by innovation. A number of steps could be implemented to foster research such as industry-academia collaboration, development of vocational skills, provision of more funds and inclusion of research as a criterion for faculty promotion if the research is taken up as teamwork.

Frontier Research Projects is a unit of Frontier Publications initiated with a motive to promote quality research. The online service provides a unique hassle free Guidance for Research Projects, Thesis writing, Manuscript writing and Publication to registered research scholars, academicians, industrialists all over the world at any academic level.